Friday, August 26, 2005



'someone' 'stole' my camera battery recharger.

I'm not happy because the co-founder of the AADC sent me a gorgeous surprise package complete with a sweet reminder to 'rug up rug it's coooold out there'. To aid me in rugging up she sent me a beautiful scarf and some really cute little wrist warmers.

I WILL find the recharger and post some photos.

In the mean time I was thinking about these guys this week... babe bunny, zonk bunny and miso-saurus (taken back in the day of the borrowed work camera - not that my picture quality is that much better these days!)

They live in the USA now...I did them for a Craftster swap last year but I think I will start work on some new friends

OK I am off to arrest the battery recharger thief.

And PS perhaps 'someone' will clean up this crazy messy computer room...and maybe even one day unpack a couple of those still packed boxes from the interstate move...maybe?

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heidi said...

ahh cute! :)