Monday, August 22, 2005


Not much time dedicated to crafting on the weekend...spent the weekend north of the border doing family things. I had a tiny bit of time on Sat nite to do a bit more on my second slipper...not much to go now.

I thought I'd woo the people north of the border with some of
Nikkishells yummy cookies. I have been reading her blog since I ended up in a Craftster swap with her. She is a very talented crafter who also happens to be a chef...lucky for me and others who read her blog cause she shares lots of delish recipes.

So with a few hours to spare on Friday I thought I'd give these yum yums a go. Instead of chocolate and smarties I added chopped dried apricots to half the batch and white chocolate to the other half. I've always been reluctant to bake biscuits with eggs in them that also require time in the fridge - I much prefer the lazy girls biscuit making where u just mix the mix and then roll those suckers and shove them on the tray. I am happy to say the exertion was well worth the effort though and I will definitely be making more of these in the future. Here's a tray of apricot ones about to go into the oven...

I had meant to take a photo once they came out of the oven but I was distracted and before I knew it my clean alter ego (which is rarely seen) had whisked the cooled cookies away into a vintage tupperware container and ready for shipping over the boarder. They were yummy though! Next time I think I'll put walnuts and sultanas in the mix. I love sultanas in baked slices and biscuits not sure why...think it might have something to do with the old fashioned chewy fruit slice Mum used to make my sister and I for after school treats. Yum.

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Nichola said...

Nice to hear they turned out well and you enjoyed them enough to want to make them again!