Sunday, January 08, 2006

been busy this weekend turning this mess

into this garden bed of possibility (with some work still remaining)

full of herbs, cat nip and cat grass for Focaccia to enjoy as our way of showing thanks

in return for her kindly guarding our perimeter and warding off evil outsider cats with fierce roars (note the guard stance above).

And despite the temperature being a hot 30+ degrees (well at least on the inside of our crapshack) today I also managed this

the beginning of a pair of slippers, as well as organising some fabric and planning my next moves which will feature these

A skirt cut and pinned and awaiting threading of the overlocker. Something patchworky with the middle lot (in pink too - Shazmina Bendi will be proud). And 3 types of Amy Butler that I just like to always have near me.

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