Sunday, February 26, 2006


I had a fantastic conversation with Kristie on Friday about her new found fabric addiction (welcome to your new life Kristie!) and we ended up agreeing to do a bag swap. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do for her... after thinking about it for a while I came up with the best idea (well I think it was the bet, we'll wait for her reaction). I have a series of photos to show start to finish but I don't want to give the prize maybe later in the week. I did get to give this baby a whirl though (it had been a little while)

We had the most spectacular storm on Saturday. It lasted almost all afternoon. I had such a great time sewing and knitting and watching the football all afternoon (I know I know). It got quite heavy.

I did get a bit worried about our crap shack - it doesn't like the rain, sure enough after a couple of hours of solid rain we found the water coming in at the usual places and even in some new ones. At least the herbs got a good drink.

There was loads of thunder and lightening, at one point I was reading through my Bloglines and there was a massive flash of lightening and a really loud clap of thunder I gasped really loudly and then held my breath - until the computer happily switched itself back on. THat was when I retired to the couch for the rest of the afternoon!


jackie said...

I wish I had an overlocker.

(I didn't find the letters where you mentioned. I live on the gold coast and they were in a tiny antique shop)

Bianca said...

Oh I thought you lived in Melbourne! Whoops!

Oh yeah and I love my overlocker!