Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chilli Jam II

We had a BBQ tonight - why I don't know as it is now almost winter - and as I forced a chillijam taste testing, compulsorary chillijam condiment consumption and even a takeaway jar on our very obliging guests I was reminded that I made a chilli jam related promise.

You need some chillis (dah)

Two kilos or so of capsicums (red makes the jam redder) throw them on a baking tray and bake in the oven for a while till the skins blister

A while before the capsicums are looking cooked, add in a kilo or so of tomatoes (nothing in this hardly-a-recipe is precise) on a tray and roast them in the oven too.

Then put the capsicums and the tomatoes in a bag to sweat them and help make the skins easy t0 get off (not nice getting skin in your teeth while eating delicious chilli jam)

While the capsicums and tomatoes were roasting you will have cut up a bunch of chillis - take the seeds out of most of them (I will update later with a recommended number of chillis but it really depends on taste - and the chillis!), chop up a couple of brown onions and a few garlic cloves and fry it up in some olive oil - a decent amount

Then add the chopped skinless capsicums and tomatoes, some brown (or dark brown) sugar and some red wine vinegar. Mix it all up good and then wizz it with a stick blender to make it as smooth (or chunky) as you like. At this point you can add some lemon juice to help it all set.

Then cook it for a while - two hours or more depending on how thick you like it (I like it to cook for a while) and then while it's still steaming hot ladle it into some sterilised jars.

Finally, display the three best looking jars on your window sill in a vain and futile attempt to get a decent photo for your blog even though you know zero about photography (although you will now know how yummy chilli jam tastes).

Especially good with very fresh bread and cream cheese....yum.


Bel said...

Ooh yeah baby - sounds divine. I think I know what I'll be getting stuck in to next weekend.

Marianne said...

Oooee! Thanks for sharing! I'm a mega-huge chilli fiend and can't wait to try this out :)