Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Projects

I am reading Julie and Julia and I can't put it down. I love cooking and I love a light read and this delivers on both fronts. I'm not so interested in french cooking, but I love Julie's ambitiousness (is that a real word). Plus I don't like being left out so now I can feel like part of the cool kids cause everyone seems to be reading it.

I am very excited to have made the cut for
BackTack III

It's funny how things turn out, I was perving on a bunch of blogs just before backtack matches were announced and I came across Tutti Fruiti Knits and added her to my bloglines. Low and behold not many days after I find I am matched with her! What a small world. I was also exicted to find out that the very gorgeous Moki is making for me (*hi Moki*). There's no secret match ups this time round.

I am also very pleased (and embarrassed to admit I never knew before) to have learned two new blog related skills this week
  • how to put a button in my posts (see above)
  • How to use strike through type.
Please join me in welcoming myself to the current century, I am pleased to finally be here - although I am probably still languishing somewhere in early 2000, dancing up the front of a bad outdoor forest rave party with a whistle in my mouth and two glow sticks in my hands.


Belinda said...
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Belinda said...

Your not alone, I don't know how to use strike through type. Maybe you should share so I can move into the current century too...

moki said...

gorgeous? Thanks