Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good Stuff

The Good Stuff:

* New wool from a good friend

* Staying up till 4.30am on a school night with that friend and drinking way too much beer!

* Catching the Manly Ferry to work with Dad this morning after staying with him and Mum while in Sydney for work

* Having a beer with Dad after work last night and having a really really good chat

* Seeing my beautiful Grandma at my gorgeous Sisters engagement party and showing off to her like I was five years old about my new knitting skill - knitting cables and on double points (my Grandma is my knitting inspiration and teacher!)

* Knowing that my Grandma reads my blog

* My strawberry plant complete with the first ripe (and not eaten by bugs) strawberry - the garden craft is a very good thing at the moment!

*My first ripe tomatoes of the season - yummo

* Browsing Kinokuniya in my lunch hour and spending all my time in the Japanese section looking at the craft books

* Still being able to read the Japanese titles of some of those craft books despite not having used any Japanese for about 10 years

* MY enormous pile of craft projects

* Being invited to meet some of my favourite local (and visiting) bloggers in February - there's 16 of em!

* Happy friends in their new house

* Talking to my 2 year old nephew on the phone for his birthday about eating 'happy birthday cake'

* Making Grandma's Christmas pudding with Mum when she visits next weekend

* A very special and important (to me) friend who is on an adventure and who I think about just about every day- even though I don't write to her as much as I should or want to

* Aussie craft bloggers


Bel said...

Ooh it sounds like you've been having a good time...

BrownPants said...

Oh the hangover! You should have heard the way I was talking to JD when he woke me up after the whole 45 minutes sleep, nasty! Was so good to see you :) XXX

Sabiha said...

love you lots Bee!! Write more.... I MISS YOU!!

love kel
ps: i love that you were showing off to your grandma! she would have loved it

h&b said...

Good stuff indeed.

I envy your relationships with your family members.


Anonymous said...

That list makes me smile. I've got a ripe tomato too (in CANBERRA!)

There are good things in life sometimes. It pays to list them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Heading down to Melb for a few days on Sunday. Can you recommend the best things for a crafty girl to see?