Thursday, November 16, 2006

In the name of Progress

Ha, I just typed in the title 'In the name of Progress', only the title field did that auto recognise thing and it turns out I'm not as orginal as I think I am, I copied myself - well it is mid-week pub night here. Anyway there really has been progress...

Of the calendar type

and of the new softie type

(not happy with the nose, it's going, plus she'll be dressed soon)

I kinda missed my 1 yr blogiversary (and the lesson on how to spell that word) but it's coming up to my 100th post, any ideas on how I should celebrate?


justine said...

happy bloggy bday mine is in the next week as well!!
can't wait to see what you have done for the calendar page wooooweeee!!

Brown Pants said...

Happy blog birthday! How about you give away buttons! Buttons are cool :) And make a cake. A good celebration always needs cake!

bee said...

I really like what your doing for a calendar. It's beautiful! Others seem to like to do lists of 100 things. I always think they are fun to read, but I don't think I would ever do one myself. I usually ignore holidays, so I know I am not much help. But congratulations on your blogiversary!