Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm a good girl

Cheekybeaks tagged me for the 5 things meme.

I'm a good girl and so I'll play by the rules:
1. someone tags you,
2. you post five things about yourself that you haven’t already mentioned on your blog,
3. you tag people you’d like to know more about.

1) I always eat lollies in pairs. In fact anything small like a lollie I have to eat in a pair. No 3's or 5's, must always be 2 (or divisble by 2).

2) I don't like fake green food. Especially that fake lime flavoured soft drink or green lollies (again with the lollies). When Mr Sadieandlance and I went out for the first time we went to the movies and we got a packet of lollies to share and everytime I got a green one I offered it to him. Aren't I nice. He thought it was weird and he was probably right.

3) I can't sleep at night unless my feet are warm and I am covered. Even if it's really hot at night I'd rather have the fan on and sleep under a doona than with no fan and no covers at all...sorry environment but I shop in canvas bags (and have done for many years before those green things appeared) and I bought a bokashi bin yesterday to make up for my irresponsible ways!

4) I swear like a trouper. All the time. I love it. No word is too foul for me. Only I always feel like I shouldn't swear on my blog lest I offend someone. I rarley mind about that in real life though.

5) I drive a metallic green 1969 Valiant Regal.

Tip you're it: Justine, Samantha, Bel, Naomi and Louise


SoulCradler said...

Oooh, Bokashi. When making a compost bin purchase recently we checked those out too, but now that we have a big ol' back yard, we ordered a recycled plastic huge outdoor compost bin. We're still waiting for it to arrive, and I can't wait, just to satisfy my curiosity about how they are going to send it in the mail. And I'm glad to hear the Valiant is still going strong.

leslie said...

glad to hear i'm not the only one with a real-life potty mouth. my husband even pulls me up sometimes, now that's saying something. i don't swear on my blog either though - something about seeing the words in print just isn't quite right.

Shazmina Bendi said...

I heart the Val! I saw a black one in Stanmore the other day, not as cool as yours though (boys were driving it!)
Ahh yes, Adult language! I just cant say enough of it, kind of goes hand in hand with craft doesnt it!! :)

ingrid said...

Oh I LOVE the car! Lucky you. I drive a big black bus to fit all the kids in, it's the sort of car I swore I would never ever drive let alone own.
I would love to hear more about your Melb move too. We are seriously in the research stage now and are hoping it will all happen by the end of the year. If you have any advice or tips you can email me on
Oh and I always have to eat small lollies in matching colour pairs. All the odd ones at the end I leave for someone else.

Louise said...

belated congratulations on 100 posts - i am going to be a nuisance and tag you back with 6 weird things - details on my blog...

I am taking your advice on the cushion covers - thanks for the link - but not going to get round to much sewing until I get myself another machine once I have settled into my new flat. Lx

Anna said...

that fake green food thing reminds me of an old friend who could'nt stand fake orange food (especially lollies- I ALWAYS was given them)