Sunday, July 01, 2007

Let them have cake!

This weekend my sis came to visit and we made cupcakes and sausage rolls and she got to feel the baby kick.

On Friday night I took her to the opening of the Dead to the World exhibition:

Sleep Club are good friends of ours. Jemma's not much into art. When we got home she told her fiance that she'd been to an art exhibition and he asked her if she was OK. I cracked up. Anyway we bought some art. It was fun. If you're in Melbourne you can go see it at the Utopian Slumps gallery on Easey St in Collingwood. Look at but don't touch the clouds though cause I already bought em.


Shazmina Bendi said...

ok, so yum! I am having a serious need for cupcakes. ahhhhhhhh cupcakes!

Bel said...

Hey you, get off my cloud...