Thursday, November 22, 2007


That's what I uttered as I walked in the door to the Magnolia Square Market this afternoon. I muttered it because I don't think I have ever seen so many mothers or bugaboos in one place at one time. Well maybe I've seen that many mothers but I've certainly never seen that many bugaboos. And then I walked into the 'cafe' area and I can honestly say I've never seen so many breastfeeding mothers in one place...all those boobs! So I did what any breastfeeding Mum would do when their baby's due for a feed, I added more exposed boobs to the count yay me.

Lucky Lark was there and I could buy some christmas presents

They're rattles, aren't they cute? The carrot is for Murphy now and one of the donuts for Yogi (Murphy's cousin - 19 weeks in the womb). Not sure who the other donut will go to yet.

I didn't actually get to meet Lark, but I did get to meet Angela from Three Buttons (Sew Your Own) and she is lovely (of course). We chatted about the future of Miss Buttons and let me tell you it sounds exciting.

Back to the Bugaboo I was totally freaked out, all these perfectly dressed babies in their extremely expensive prams being pushed by their poshly dressed Mums. It was all too much for me in my jeans and Nintendo rehab T Shirt and the poor Smurf in his trackie dacks. At least we were considerate and left our 2nd hand bugaboo in the car and took the baby carrier instead so we didn't drive into the backs of everyone's legs in the crowded aisles.

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