Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's raining fabric

Not heavy fabric rain , just a trickle. Courtesy of the Amitie blog VIP and a lovely friend. And I've actually been able to use some of Corrie's fabric already to finally have a go at those fabric shoes that have been doing the rounds.

And here's the Smurf's pair in action.

I lined them with flannelette and used 2 layers of flannelette on the sole of one pair and interfaced some flannelette for the other 2 pairs. Both work just fine, but I think I prefer the double flannelette layer.

This is a fabulous little pattern. Quick, easy and good for using small bits of fabric. And now that I love this pattern I just need to re size it so I can make some more for Big Foot Smurf. Who knows I could even churn some out for me but I'm thinking they may not be quite as cute.

There's been some other Smurf related sewing too. Hint.

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