Sunday, August 10, 2008


Alas Rose Red, the baby sized dress is not for you - not that I don't think you would look fab in an adult sized version of this teamed with one of your 4,562 pairs of is in fact for devine little Miss Wink, who I can't wait to squeeze!

Like I said, I winged it and made the pattern up myself based (very) loosely on a pair of overalls in a recent issue of Ottobre, a picture in my mind and a Smurf singy. I'm really happy with the finish, just a little nervous about the sizing. Will the neck line gape enough to fit Miss Wink's big sisters' favourite doll inside? I hope not. Will the sleeves be big enough to fit her arms in? I hope so. Will it be long enough to cover her nappy and not look like a weird shirtvest? I hope so.

Speaking of squeezing babies, some twins emerged from their very snug oven this week - and I'm thinking of lining up for a squeeze next week.

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