Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sadie and Lance, for reals

The Smurf and I have just returned from a lovely but all too brief couple of days at Sadie and Lance's (my grandparents for any newcomers). It was a lovely couple of days just spending time together with each other (and Sadie's plastic spoons).

Of course, it is not a visit to Grandma's without much craft discussion, some knitting time and talk of favourite recipes. My eyes glistened as the Smurf showed great craft appreciation by favouring the baskets of knitted dolls, organised by gender of course - boys:


(oh um yeah I know Santa is not generally known to be a girl, he must just be stopping by the basket for a visit?)

He was rewarded well for his appreciation with a little boy knitted doll to call his own. He graciously thanked Sadie's friend Betty (the knitter of the dolls) for his sweet toy

And while the Smurf enjoyed his time playing with Great Gran, an aray of knitted toys and various cooking utensils, I hit the jackpot when Grandma revealed her 60-ish year old notebook full of collected favourite handwritten recipes.

Did someone say pig in mud? Yes, that was me. And I've scanned all the family favourites. Including Great Aunty Marie's ice cream - made with the cream milked from their own cow thankyouverymuch. I might even share some with you some time.

Sadie and Lance live in Portland, a sleepy little country town just west of the Blue Mountains in NSW. It's a town I have long loved. I think the love stems mostly from the fact that it's Sadie and Lance's town but maybe also a little bit from the time we spent briefly living there when I was 8. Or maybe it's because it has big wide open streets and beautiful (albeit mostly abandoned) shop fronts

But alas as with so many country towns, the coffee was bad not so great (sorry Grandma I know that sounds rude). But who cares when you're sitting opposite your Grandma who's looking lovingly into the face of her Great Grandson?

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