Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ludicrous Cake Installations

I made a ludicrous cake installation today. Ludicrous! 4 layers! Custard, dense coconut cake, raspberries, passionfruit. Mmm-mmmm.

I made it for some craft ladies who came to play. Great day, there was even trash dip (oh there always is!) and homemade sausage rolls. As happens at these occasions all world issues were addressed - inappropriate whacky mother in law antics and deconstruction of Yo Gabba Gabba included (Suzy YGG is touring!!). Fun for all. We missed a couple of nice ladies and if I could combine my Sydney and Melbourne lives well I might have liked to invite some other sweet craft ladies. And you, of course, I'd invite you too -don't worry my imaginary craft house is huge and can fit you all.

Now, it's time to knit. Despite the fact it was a craft day I knitted only 4 rows on a baby cardy which I then ripped out because I didn't like the colours. What do you mean Attention Deficient Crafter? Shame on you for thinking such things about me, I can build ludicrous cake installations. ahem.

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