Saturday, April 04, 2009


matchy matchy, originally uploaded by SadieandLance.

In need of some external arse kicking to get me crafting again I decided to sign up for the Chaletgirl Block Swap. And as suspected it well and truly kicked my arse into gear (eventually).

I was on a self imposed crafting ban until I found a place for all my craft materials and miscellaneous junk/paper work/ hundreds of metres of assorted useless cables (thanking Mr Sadieandlance for that one). So when I saw that the other blockheads were putting me to shame I swept up the crap and found a spare drawer to shove all those miscellaneous cables.

I raided the scrap box and off I went.

And my scrap box is pretty on the inside and outside so it's extra-enjoyable to go scrap fishing. But my pretty scrap box isn't the only reason I'm enjoying being back at the machine for, you see, I have a brilliant new sewing desk, but that deserves a post all of it's own (but I should say thank you here to Grandma!)

In case you're interested here's the fabric I sent off to be distributed to the other blockheads.

Can't wait to see what comes back my way - after each participant teams it with their fabric of choice.

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