Sunday, May 31, 2009

A weekend of craft

Jade's school of crochet., originally uploaded by tutti fruiti.

This weekend was a weekend of craft, set in a beautiful house perched high in the rain forest at the top of Berry and accompanied by some lovely like minded crafters.

The goat track we had to navigate to the house. by tutti fruiti.

We shipped in enough food and craft supplies for a year long stay but in the end it was all about sitting around the open fire with small lap top projects.

Jade working on her hex blanket by tutti fruiti.

I was grateful to realise we remembered to pack our very own fire lighter, several expert gourmet chefs, some hilarious comedians, a plate warmer, a crochet tutor and a few rally drivers to get us safely up and down the roller coaster road to the retreat (the road was so steep that at one point someone may have misread a light reflector on the road in the distance for a star in the sky).

Sewing, pattern tracing, book reviewing, craft magazine reading, knitting, hand sewing, hemming, bias binding creation, cross stitch, fabric show and tell, crocheting, expert crochet teaching, crochet learning, the odd actual finished project, naughty tales and broken glass - I think we covered it all.

The discussion ends here though because, as you know, what goes on craft retreat stays on craft retreat.

photos thanks to Tutti Fruiti

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