Saturday, June 06, 2009

Community Service Announcement

This is a Community Service Announcement.

Visual: Woman carrying tired, whingey toddler on hip enters local super craft warehousey style shop. It's just after opening time so the shop is not too busy but it is very untidy and messy.

Woman wanders past the homewares section - stuff every, messy shelves stacked with cheap acrylic table ware etc

"I need a new rotary cutter, sweetie" woman says to toddler.

Woman steps around fabric tables with bolts sticking out and steps over piles of fabric bolts lying on the floor in the main walkway and ends up at the quilting section. Or does she?

"Here's the rotary cutters. Wow this is a bit confusing - I've never seen these brands before." she says.

Woman looks around and sees cutters all over the place, nothing with matching prices. She looks frustrated. She looks left and right across the shelves. She notices cutters spread all over the display. Only a couple have prices. None are familiar brands to her - and although she's no expert she's no novice either.

She looks behind her to her left and sees the Clover display - complete with many non-Clover brands displayed.

She walks away and catches a bunch busy looking staff holding clipboards and having some sort of impromptu and seemingly very important meeting in the middle of the aisles. They all sort of avoid her eye contact - despite the fact she's standing right in front of them.

"Sorry to bother you" says woman "but I wonder if you can help me with the rotary cutters, it's a bit confusing over there".

Staff appear mildy freaked out and have a look of "WTF is a rotary cutter" on their faces.

"Betty* can help you out with that, she's our quilting expert" young bloke staff member chirps helpfully.

"Thanks Betty, that's a relief" says the woman.

They walk to the "display" together. Betty looks mildly annoyed that she's been interrupted from what ever it was she was doing.

"Can you give me some advice on the difference between these rotary cutter brands?" woman says.

"Um what do you want to know" says Betty

"Do you have any experience or opinion about which one is the best? Do they do different things?" woman asks?

Toddler puts head down on shoulder of the woman and clearly becomes heavier for her to carry.

Betty looks very confused and uncomfortable.

"Well, " says Betty, "the more expensive the cutter the better".

"Oh, right" says the woman with an I could have told you that look. "So, what about blades and stuff", she asks?

"Same sort of thing" says Betty, "the more expensive the cutter the better".

"What about features?" the woman asks, shifting around uncomfortably.

Betty gives a little huff "like I said, the more expensive the better".

"Can you tell me about the Clover ones?" asks the woman.

"Clover" says Betty looking confused and restless.

They turn to the Clover display further down the aisle behind them, and the woman shows Betty the display confused display and continues to ask questions, Betty continues to look nothing like a quilting expert.

Fade to black.

TEXT white on black background:
This is a Community Service Announcement.
We don't recommend you go to craft warehousey type shop for a rotary cutter (or possibly even any other supplies).

Voice over: "This announcement is authorised by Sadieandlance of the "We care about you and your quality craft supplies council".

Fade to black.

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