Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emperor's New Clothes

The patterns I cut out a few weeks ago finally became an actual pair of pants. Pants complete with trimmed pockets and proper overlocked seams that were, of course, pinned before being sewn. Thank you Ottobre 2008 (not sure what issue but the pattern was set for tracksuit pants).

The sewing itself happened in fits and starts between the usual chores while the Smurf slept. It was all straight forward but everything that could go wrong did including, but not limited to,

  • human stupidity (those pocket trims did some traveling around the pants before settling where they now are)
  • two snapped overlocking needles (can't blame the needles though with all that cord bulk I suppose),
  • 2 waistbands (human stupidity and poor choice of elastic).

Yet, despite (in spite of) all that I really enjoyed these and am busting to make more now that I've done that whole make friends with the pattern thing.

Most enjoyable though is that the Smurf is wearing them today and has become his own pants appreciation society. It's not easy looking at your pants while walking.

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