Tuesday, July 07, 2009

For Heavy Duty Lifting

I've been making pot holders. Quick, easy pot holders. They're quite fun really*

Nice and simple, stash fabric (fabric nerds do you care to enlighten me as to what this is?) lined with wool batting and backed with corduroy to give extra protection against hot pot handles.

I'm a bit of a slap dash sewer who likes the foot-to-the-floor top speed of the machine. I also like short cuts - does anyone else do away with cutting out softie legs and arms and just sew around the pattern piece straight onto two sandwiched uncut pieces of fabric? You don't? Oh.

What's that, you pin and take your time with binding? Not me, I'm a fan of folding pre-prepared binding over and sewing once only. Things came a little undone this time round, hence the first round of holders were gifted at the Craftroom with the caveat of "don't look too close".

Lucky Marina listened and you can't see any evidence of my hastiness laziness in her photo.

(Auntie Cookie fabric backed with, um I can't remember)

But, surprisingly, I actually learned my lesson. While finishing off round 2 I made friends with my pins, look.

And now I'm working hard to to more mid-speed sewing and more pinning. I'm enjoying the slower sewing speed but my hands are a little hole-y.

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