Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Kid on the Block

This new kid on the block has pipped the Smurf's favourite take-everywhere toy "Bubba" from the top of the favourites list. It's a sure way to make your Mum happy when you favour the toy she made you this week. Good Smurf, good Smurf.

It's even nicer when you spontaneously kiss the new kid on the block while your Mum's taking a photo.

And extra special when Bubba is thrown to the ground in favour of the new kid accompanying you on the grocery shop.

Aunty Cookie fabric panel bought at Finders Keepers. Lined with calico to take away the transparency of the basecloth and backed with blue pin dots from the stash. 5 minutes sewing, 10 minutes stuffing, 5 minutes finishing. Instant gratification.

I'd say it's a winner, don't you agree?

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