Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy New Year

I've enjoyed my blogging break. Have been keen to come back here but there was so much fun, food and festiveness over the break that I wasn't sure where to start. Instead, I'm sharing some highlights in mosaic form.

1. Chow Down, One piece of meat at a time.
2. Hey You, The New Police
3. Pudding Time, Sadie's recipe this year, Yummo. Success and made with Grandma's pudding cloth this year.
4. Smurfs!, for the Smurf
5. Beach, it's where the sun, surf and sand are
6. A pub with a view, Best view from a pub on the East Coast. Apart from that bin. And it's like stepping back in time. Shame it's falling apart and destined for "development".
7. Sydney Sky January 8 2010, Hello sky from our backyard.
8. Keyboard Playing Cowboy, The title speaks for itself. The Smurf requested a Cowboy Hat, a Cowboy Shirt and a pink car from Santa. Santa's workshop struggled with the pink car, but eventually managed to make all toys according to order.
9. New Bikes,
10. New Bike,
11. For Santa, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Beer and a carrot (teeny homegrown) and water for Rudolph. Just like it was when I was a girl.
12. Gingerbread House - First ever, So happy with this, despite the wonk. I've been wanting to make one of these for years but always worried about the humid weather. Don't know why I waited so long!
13. Gingerbread House - First ever,
14. Gingerbread House - it's where the biccie boys live,
15. Wrapped, We downloaded wraps and gift tags this year. It was the best. Thank you Auntie Cookie and freebie gift tags (can't remember your link).
16. Summer Salad 3 ways Before, After being vego for almost a decade there are always multiple salads on our table at a BBQ.
17. Summer Salad 3 ways After,
18. Time to Celebrate, A special celebration for a special friend with a craft day spent under the frangipani tree sipping champagne.
19. So funny Time to down needles and cut the cake birthday girl.
20. The Toy Society my Toy Society Christmas Drop; 10 toys on a tree!
21. The Toy Society
22. The Toy Society - someone finding!
23. The Toy Society - Back 2 hours later and they were all gone.
24. The Toy Society - a finder with her new toy on a trip to the zoo.
25. A Picnic Quilt Built for Two.

And on resolutions, like most I don't do them - as such - but you know, be more .... fill in your blank here.

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