Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why, hello there

I've been thinking about this space a lot. For a while, I didn't miss it. At all. Now, though, I find I am. When I look back through my archives I am reminded why I started this space in the first place; as a way to track my progress and keep in touch with friends.

My little space has grown so much since the start seven years ago and I can see my craft skills - in knitting, sewing, crochet etc - have too. Heck even my HTML skills have. They have all grown because of this space and the community it exists in. I like that.

I like that I can see old favourite projects, evidence of my extreme attention deficient crafting ways, favourite things baked. I especially like that alongside all of that I can see how my Smurf is  growing.

I also like that this space (and the ever expanding associated spaces) has introduced me to so many friends, many that I now choose to spend time with in "real" life. Well, in my offline life. I now live in the same city as one of my earliest blogging friends and we hang out sometimes. That's pretty cool in my book. She even still has a toy I made her many years ago.

So, with all that in mind and that there are adventures of another wee Smurf, a Smurfette in fact, to keep track of, I'm making my way back here. I'll be treating it as I always have, as my own personal reference. I won't be trying hard to impress anyone.

I'll just be having fun, hanging out and reminding myself of stuff I'm doing with craft (mostly) my reference point. Who knows, maybe I'll find some more friends along the way?

PS My comment system is completely borked. I need to fiddle and get rid of it. Apologies if you feel inclined to comment and it doesn't work.


Suzy said...

Hello to you too! I was wondering if you'd ever come back here and hoping you would. x

Cass said...

So lovely to see you back . I'm looking forward to reading all about your lovely little family

CurlyPops said...

Welcome back! So lovely to have you pop up in my reader thismorning

Michelle said...

So glad to see you back here. I've missed your onlineness, even though I see your reallifeness often. And don't worry - you will always impress me no matter what you show off.

Smurf 2.0 is particularly impressive.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you are back! Excited to see more of the Smurf and Smurfette!

sooz said...

Glad to see you back!

Anna said...

Welcome back and congratulations on the smurfette :)

Kylie said...

Welcome back. I feel much the same way. I used to keep a blog for the kids. I really should go back and play cathpch up on that one. Facebook sharing of photos just got to easy and I'm not so sure about that anymore.