Monday, August 29, 2005

Dilemas and bad spelling

Hey can anyone help me?! Have you ever spilled beer in your keyboard?!

You see after making the big move from Sydney to Melbourne (kinda) recently, I am celebrating my new job with a couple of beers...Mr SadieandLance has gone to bed and so it is just me, SadieandLance Cat, my beer and the keyboard. In my excitement at finding this gorgeous stuff I accidently pushed my beer over and it spilled into the little numbers section of the keyboard...shhhhhoooosh don't tell Mr SadieandLance. So...any ideas (other than tipping the keyboard on it's end cause I did that already) to clean out the beer...keep in mind it will probably be dried up by the time you read this - just don't judge me will you!? I promised photos of my beautiful package...this is the clearest photo I took,

but it doesn't really show you what it is - so here's another - scarf and wrist warmers...

I love my first-best craft friend... and I owe her a package too!

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Sabiha said...

so glad you like them! mine have gone a bit fluffy so might make the next ones out of a less fluffy wool or a cotton. will send a pair if they turn out ok (and if i dont get a bout of ADD by then)

LOVE the aprons on the angry chicken website! think Ill try one of those

ps: love you too!