Tuesday, August 30, 2005

strange days indeed

Today was a weird day. It is really really windy here and everyone I spoke to today said they were kept awake by the wind last night...just like me and Mr SadieandLance. We both kept waking up wondering if the house was gonna blow ala Wizard of Oz style.

When I got home this afternoon I couldn't even reverse my car into the garage because when I pulled the garage door up it our garage became a wind tunnel and all our moving boxes and other garage crap started blowing towards the street - there was no time to get in the car and reverse in so I just left it in the driveway - which is no big deal at all...just the whole wind thing is a bit freaky!

Another contributing weirdness to today was watching Wonder Woman DVDS with my friends' almost-5 year old daughter this afternoon. Wonder Woman is cool but did anyone realise how soft-porn like it was back in the 70's?! The opening scenes of the first episode is like a scene from a Russ Myers movie!

It was all really cool but now I have the Wonder Woman theme song stuck in my head. "Wonder Woman"!!! Ms almost 5 is absolutely smitten with Wonder Woman..."isn't she beautiful" she kept reminding me. "Why does she look so cute!?" she exclaimed in an amazed awestruck voice to which we all replied "because she is cute!". "Wonder Woman can always get away from the Baddies...cause she's Wonder Woman don't you know". Isn't it great to have female super hero role models.

Spose I will make a craft reference here....I bought this little stash enhancement yesterday

Yum yum. Can't wait to get stuck into the French Market Bag and some new slippers . The wee little ball of "metro" and the small samples are off to the states for yet another Craftster swap - which I think will be my last for a while - it's all a bit much. Instead I think I will go and look for some bloggers to swap with - anyone interested?!

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