Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The miscellaneous craft related adventures of SadieandLance

um...hello...I am um SadieandLance a slightly nervous and technologically backward craft luver.

I noticed all these hip urban blogging crafters around the web and felt decidedly uncool and behind the times so I thought I'd better turn the tables and join the world of craft cool. I am sure to be lowering the standards with my many works-in-progress (I am a founding member of Association of Attention Deficient Crafters - don't worry it's fictitious but we do get so excited about new crafts that we flit from project to project without finishing much up)! But it's not what you do it's how much fun you have...right? Huh?

OK so obviously I have started out my very first virgin post with an outright porkypie. I of course am not actually really SadieandLance (in real life I was named after the Rolling Stones!). Sadie is my lovely Grandmother and Lance my Grandfather. Most of my craft inspiration (some comes from Mum) and all of my knitting skills so far have come from Grandma. She is quite the talent...so, inspired by her craftiness, my Sister and I named a craft stall we did a couple of years ago after her... and because it needed something else we included Papa (Par Par). He's not crafty or anything, unless you count being crafty with his bowls or fishing oh but he does have a pretty crafty sense of humour...

So back to me...knitting, sewing, embroidery (no teddybears or such crap though), applique (again no teddybears or such fluff), paper stuff, stuff with glue, um and anything else that tickles my fancy or that my fellow AADC members try out and have the patience to teach me.

But don't get too excited - I'm not particularly adventurous with my knitting needles...there'll be no Fair Aisle or complicated cables featured on these pages, heavens no! Nor will there be complicated undertakings in any other craft types...just a good lot of unfinished craftings and the occasional mediocre finished object!

So...my latest finished object...
brrr my tea was getting cold:

And a couple of recent felt needle cases for fellow members of the AADC... those needles were getting everywhere!

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Nichola said...

Cute tea cosy and needle holders!