Monday, September 05, 2005

today is doing day...

So finally after weeks (actually months) of planning many a sewing project in my head I finally turned this revised to do list:

and my recently acquired zipper fetish:

into these works in progress:

I was assisted by my expert trusty assistant (she was keeping a look out...for um stuff and of course the crazy money launderers who live across the laneway...)

But she got a little distracted mid-task by some ric rac

and then she took a well earned break....

I read over on craftapalooza (the "Fluffiest" blog in WA) that some people think posting about your pets on the net is lame or crazy or maybe crazy-lame...but I don't care.

I made the final finishing touches on the pouches tonight while I watched Andrew Denton's Enough Rope so I'll have some finished photos to show tomorrow.


... said...

i love love love the purses. Great material.

im such a fan of that pattern - looks great. let me know if you want to swap so I can get my hands on one ofthose beauties :-)

Anonymous said...

You can cook for us any time. How about some neenish tarts? Grandma and Betty