Monday, October 24, 2005


I think I am going to start reading some of the "how to get two more hours in your life books" that keep showing up on my work e books account. I just can't find enough time in my life to craft at the level I would like to. I spose I could always get up two hours earlier, but that's no fun.

I was at Federation Square on the weekend and there is an installation that's part of the Arts Festival that made me laugh. It's a big concrete box full of water and in the water is lots of engraved wishes on metal plates. Make sure you go lookin the water if you're there...

Of course there's "I wish my family will be happy and healthy" and the obligatory "I wish for world piece" but that's not what made me laugh. How about "I wish for my own undead Army". "I wish I had a monkey" 'I wish my Gorilla was my Nanna" (poor Nanna) then in amongst the world piece and family health wishes was the hilarious "I wish I knew where the nearest KFC was". It was a great way to take up 20 mins on sat arvo.

So, what about my craft wishes...I wish I had more time to start up projects like Nikkishell who although mother to one, currently 9 months pregnant (and apparently having the new baby next week, so good luck!), expert baker of delish sweet delicacies...and she still manages to organise a gorgeous postcard swap and make her beautiful needle rolls and bits and pieces to sell.

I wish I could knit like Taylorstreet, what a gorgeous hat!

I wish I had time to make more of the yummy recipes I see on all the fab blogs I read and that I had the time to photograph the process of some of my recipes.

I wish I had gotten my act together and signed up for Backtack 2 and maybe been lucky enough to get a partner as talented as Alison. Her partner is real lucky. And I will get in and sign up for Backtack 3.

I spose I should get up off my butt and turn some of these wishes into I'm off to find a monkey of my own!

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