Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Knitting in Public

Hooray for knitting on the tram!

I am knitting these finger puppets from Knitty during my daily commute. I can knock one of these little buggers over in one one-way trip...well minus the finishing - I wouldn't want to scare people on the tram with a big fat metal sewing needle. heck they might mistake me for a terrorist or something and apparenlty the police can now shoot people they suspect of being a terrorist. Scary.

So, I collect all the pieces on one end of one needle and then when I get home I finish them up. I have two bunny bodies and sets of ears on one needle at the moment. They're going to have to make way for tigers tomorrow though.

Today, after weeks of being a terrible friend I finally made an attempt at redeeming my friendship status by actually going to the post office, parcels in arms, to send long awaited packages to my long suffering craft buddies in Sydney. Silly to take so long because now the cold weather is well behind us and there is no cause for wearing $#^!*%@ or @#$%^ (can't say, they might be reading!) but I sent them anyway!

One more box to go tomorrow -

Terrible photographs, but that's what comes from commuting a far enough distance to knit a finger puppet - no natural light for blog photos.

I wish I had more time to blog, there are so many great sites out there. Maybe I'll do one of those bloggy round up things one day soon.

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... said...

box looks v pretty!! 10 points ofr presentation :-)

wish we could KIP more often - maybe we can find a park in melb when im down and do a little public craftin!