Monday, January 30, 2006

Whip it

Sorry I mean whip up. See I got distracted. After not posting for ages I was planning on posting about how hot it has been around here lately (not today thankfully a very pleasant 23 degress C) and how it had been too hot to sit in a hot little computer room with a hot over worked computer whirring away next to my sweaty legs which means of course it's pretty much too hot to craft.

I was then planning on telling you about my week of seeking refuge in airconditioned places in the early and late evening - places like bars (where else?!) - like my favourite rock n roll bar (I object to being labelled 'older crowd' - I swear to you everyone but us is under 20 whenever we go there - surely that's not old?!)- where we spotted Meg White from the White Stripes (wish it was Iggy Pop who we'd spotted instead - they're all in town for the Big Day Out ), we danced to Johnny Cash (can't wait to see the movie) and had success with a Devo request (amongst many other requests that sound nothing like Devo)...and other such exciting heat distractions.

but I digress (a lot).

So whip I mean whip up (actually it was gates of steel but there I go again) So an email came from Nichola about the great new whip up project. It's a collaboration between all my favouritest craft blogs and then some. Looks like a great concept which I can't wait to watch unfold. Once I work out how to put one of those buttony things in the side bar-y thing I will. Yay new craft inspiration - what more could I ask for? (other than another Devo request)

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