Monday, February 20, 2006

Tip you're it

We never played tag in Australia - it was always tip and I'm not sure why but 'you can't tip the butcher back'. Not sure why the butcher ever played tip, or when they started playing, but it was a sacred rule.

So, I've been tipped by Kristen (the penguins arrived safe - more on those later) for the four things meme. At the risk of sounding terribley uncool this is the first time I've been tagged and I am excited - I've read so many other people's four things, now here I go.

Four jobs I've had:
Butchers Shop assistant
Kitchen hand
Swimming Teacher
Student Life Co ordinator (not what you think!)

Four movies I can watch over and over:-
The Sound of Music
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
The Wizard of Oz
Encinoman (once upon a time but probably not these days!)

Four places I have lived
Portland (A town with not much more than a Cement Factory in Western NSW between Lithgow and Bathurst)

Four TV shows I love:-
The Simpsons
Four Corners
Love My Way
Cooking for Kids with Louis V Nigella Bites (it's a close toss up)

Four places I have been on holiday:-
Wye River, Great Ocean Rd (very recently):

Athens (to watch my lil sis compete in the Olympics)
The Netherlands (for the wedding of some good friends)
Lightening Ridge (yup to fruitlessly mine for opals)

Four of my favourite dishes:-
Dad's BBQ
Mum's Roast
Pasta with a good garlicky tomato sauce
Grandma's home made creamed sweet corn (complete with corn grown by Aunty Kath)

Four websites I visit daily:-
Work website (boring)
Nikkishell (incase you never realised how much I love her blog - and the many other inspiring Aussie craft blogs)
ultreya - (the blog of a good friend of mine who is about to embark on a solo expedition over the Pyrennees I am always so proud when I read her blog)

Four places I would rather be now:-
In Bed asleep
In Tokyo shopping up a storm and eating Tonkatsu
Hanging out with my family and friends in Sydney (and you too Grandma)
Playing with my nephew

Tip you're it:
There's sposed to be four, so go ahead and have a go if you want...

On another note, the Penguins arrived safe and sound (complete with the most gorgeous hand written note - more tomorrow)... and look who's been visiting the Monkey Union.

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