Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Special purchases

I bought two lil penguin cuties today from over at cheekybeaks - made by Harry (Cheekybeaks is his Mum's blog). They were a bargain at just $1 each. I was alerted by the ever informative Nikkishell who also purchased a couple. My main motivation (apart from the cuteness of buying penguins handmade by a little boy) was that I always wished that someone would buy my homemade fimo (sculpey) creations when I was a kid...we had grand plans of setting up street tables out the front of the house but never felt the use - we lived in a very quiet street! Looking back on it I think I dreamt about selling my scraps of paper that I pretended were stickers too. Wow, to have that kind of connection with your imagination again huh. Anyway I am the proud new owner of two lil penguins. Yay.

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