Monday, February 13, 2006

All Conquering

I finally conquered my Stitch n Bitch (oops forgot the petty civil SnB war and how you're only allowed to call it SnB these days) nerves and went to my first proper meeting tonight. I ended up arriving late - much to the surprise of those who clearly had been there for hours before I arrived! - introduced myself and did my best to join me and my acrylic tea cosy in with all those lovely 'proper' wools, fancy circular needles, socks and cable stitchings. I have to say it was great. The stitchers were very friendly (the bitching was hot!) and I walked away with some finer instructions and advice on cables, the clapotis and knitting in the round. All up a successful and very repeatable mission. Yay me...sorry I mean Yay Nth Melbourne SnB.

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Sabiha said...

yay you! I havent ventured to a public snb yet and v proud of you for diving in..... and with great results too :-) you'll have to pass on your new tricks when you are up next :-)