Monday, April 17, 2006

Crafters Block

Easter has been great, I have tomorrow (Tuesday) off - to spend with Mum and Dad while they visit - as well as the public holidays everyone else has had (how funny is Easter Saturday - when the whole of your suburb shops like the shops haven't or won't be open for the next 10 weeks - dudes it's only a total of 2 days with a day open for shopping in between - relax).

But with all these days off my mind is overflowing with my craft to do list, you know that experience where you have so much to do you can't get going.

What I have done is:
- Updated my blog daily - this is a first ever for me, and it's been fun!
- Make chilli jam (YUM! Photos to come, wish there was such a thing as sniffavision)
- Help Mum figure out a quilting pattern that we had no instructions for (who am I kidding, I just watched)
- Cut out the yeti pattern and started working through figuring out the pattern using fur.
- Drunk too much (surely there's a craft in that) but stayed out late at the pub with Mum - how fun is that.

What I need to do is:
- Finish Fruit Tingles
- Finish Mamas slippers
- Start Sisters' slippers
- Sew Pia's knitting bag
- Finish 2 bday bag gifts from 2005 (the 2006 bday for this person happened today! Happ bday Sashy)
- Sew at least one of my new zakka toy patterns
- Finish knitting my 6+ baby blanket squares for the surprise gift
- Start patchwork project of some sort
- Sew some baby clothes for my nephew
- Finish knitting all those sets of finger puppets which were supposed to be christmas presents

I am totally overcome by my Attention Deficient Crafter disorder, but what better way to solve it than a small bit of retail therapy today:

- A brand spankin' new mixer (I ditched the idea of a Kitchen Aid and took the higher wattage, lower priced Breville - which was infact 2nd choice against the Kenwood Patissiere...but the wattage won out in the end)
- New Bust and Giant Robot mags...just for a spot of reading and more inspiration to overload the already overloaded inspiration section of my mind
- Julie and Julia - can't wait for tram time reading - am even thinking of ditching Mark Latham's diaries in favour of it and I only started MLD last week!
- New wool (*why?*)

Topped off with a planned trip to patchwork on the park tomorrow for some *more* fabric...

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