Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finisher Completer

I have had the biggest Finisher Completer Crisis this past week. WAY too many projects on the boil. So I added to my woes by taking on another project, but this time a small and very achievable project courtesy of the lovely Bees Nest (check out the couch this wonderwoman recovered).

It's a step by step recovery process so, here we are nearly a finisher completer...

Yay I am almost a Finisher Completer! (just have to add the elastic in the waistband).

Now, does anyone know of a new born baby who wants to try these on for size and fit before I cut and sew up a bunch of these ready for all the pregnant ladeez in my life? Leave a comment if you want them.

Now I just need to start and finish sewing that baby kimono shirt I cut out during the week and I will have achieved enough to temporarily lay my finisher completer anxiety to rest and continue on with a few WIPs.

1 comment:

Belinda said...

love the pants, very funky!! I want to make a start on a kimono top too, for my little one who is quicky becoming a bit one. I really like this one I found on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/meeganblue/140584615/