Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello, Ms Carrot Monster

Hello Ninjin Monsuta san!

That's what I said when I opened my surprise package I received at work today (actually I gasped and ooo-ed and aaaa-ed a lot and made everyone give the Carrot Monster some appreciation for being so damned cute - which they obligingly did for the crazy lady weilding the hand crochted toy).

Ninjin is carrot in Japanese (and Monsuta, well that's Monster, silly). Isn't she gorgeous, she's an amigurumi sent to me, to be part of my specialist Ninja team, by my lovely friend Shazmina Bendi (I'm so excited that she decided to start a blog, she's very talented indeed!).

Shazmina is a crochet-er extraordinaire (I can't crochet to save my life) and I bought her an Amigurumi book as a surprise gift. Lucky cause now I have a Carrot Monster to watch over me at work (I don't really have a specialist Nija team). I just have to make sure Mr SadieandLance's Monkey Union don't apply their stand over tactics to force Ninjin Monsuta to become a member.


Megan said...

Carrot Monster - oh, I love her for the name alone!

adrock said...

if this wasnt such a valued present, i would demand you give it to me immediately