Thursday, June 01, 2006

Backtack progress

Winter officially arrived today and with all weekday daylight hours spent at work the only time I can take decent pictures for my blog is on the weekend. But I'm too impatient to wait for the weekend - and besides it's likely to be overcast and grey anyway, so tonight I took some progress shots of my Backtack III project. I can't show too much cause that would be giving it away. I'm a couple of days over due but don't worry Tutti Frutti I am well acquainted with express post!

How's this for flash backs...

Did you used to make friendship bracelets? I did and I haven't done one since I was in primary school (gee that was a long time ago) when I used to churn these babies out all the time. I loved browsing the embroidery thread aisle of our local craft shop and picking pretty colours (even back then I didn't go for pink, sorry Shazmina). I think I gave one to everyone I knew. Mum used to wear hers all the time, she's such a great Mum, although I guess she was probably grateful I wasn't giving her a home made macaroni bracelet. It's amazing how easily I am remembering how to do this even though it's been so many years.

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g. said...

wow. i remember making oodles of those things. they were so very important and I loved picking the different colors.