Sunday, June 04, 2006


I had a cramming session today. You see yesterday I ended up in bed/on the couch for most of the day licking my self inflicted wounds and didn't get one single thing done I had planned (other than a couple of rows of Fruit Tingles, the ongoing saga).

So today I played catch up and crammed in as much as I could. Mostly it was housework and so craft wise I didn't achieve quite as much as I had planned, but late tonight I did finish these, and started a new pair.

And the real reason I didn't get as much craft done?

After all the housework, I was here, cheering on Mr SadieandLance's football team, soaking up the atmosphere, living vicariously through their victory - my team was playing interstate you see (and they won too - in both codes). I did take some knitting (my mobile project) but as you can see the game was too exciting for any actual knitting progress.

Despite my poor showing, Team Craft was represented well - there was an old woman sitting behind us sitting under her crocheted blanket (in her teams' colours of course) and knitting a scarf.


Brown Pants said...

lovely colours for the travel project! I've definitely noticed quite a bit of pink wool around at the moment - that's a nice one!

Shazmina Bendi said...

ok, that is it. I am going to look into moving to Melbourne, where people are free to craft in the open, with no fear of recriminations!!! The only thing that turns me off is the lack of Rugby matches down there...........hmmmmmmmmm, I am y have to rethink that move!! :)