Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fruit Tingles Progress II

Not that impressive as far as progress goes (nor puckered edges), but given this is the third time I have cast this piece on I am feeling that at least there is some progress. I had a big dilemma about edges and had wonderful advice from sixandahalfstitches , Taylor Street and Grandma's (Sadie) besty Betty - I took the lazy way and just gave it a go - but turns out I couldn't deal with the messy edge. So I frogged, recast on and instead decided on the twist method to carry the red up the side. I am much happier with it, despite the pcukers...but I will just breath deeply when I notice those and pretend that I didn't notice them. Character building or some such thing.

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Alison said...

I think if you give the edges a nice soft steam when you're finished (wet tea towel and iron on wool setting over), the puckers will ease out, and the wool will relax a little and the stitches will fall back and sit nicely.
The fruit tingle can sing :)