Tuesday, June 13, 2006

nasal accents

Despite being on the almost naughty Backtack III list, my backtack Pointy Kitty is off to it's new home and will arrive tomorrow.

I have been busy soaking up the joys of the world cup this weekend, staying way up past my bed time and knitting a scarf that I was persuaded to do as a surprise for the poor guy at work who drew the Ivory Coast in our World Cup sweep, I recommended for next time to just leave his 10 bucks on the train platform for a random person to win instead. I drew Argentina, so I am allowed to partake in such jibing.

Last night after enduring (via the tv of course) 20 000 drunken aussie fans belting out an out of tune national anthem (through their nasal passages) prior to the opening of our first world cup match in something like 32 years, we were well rewarded in the 82nd minute with not one, not two but three goals. I pity the fools who went to bed at the 72 minute mark like the guy who called into Triple R (local community radio station) this morning.

I did managed to squeeze in some short bursts of craftivity in during the weekend...including way too much shopping, which resulted in a massive pile of fabric to be ironed.

It's still a large work in progress, but the reward is sweet.


Heels said...

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Heels said...

p.s., I printed out your chili jam recipes and am trying to convice myself that making jam cannot be that difficult because it looks so very delicious.


Brown Pants said...

He he - Pity the Fool!

Shazmina Bendi said...

hmmmmm ironing?? Best done in front of tv. You know you should be able to make your ironing board shorter so you could sit down???

mokistar said...

I'm on the list too, good thing it's a long list and we're not alone.