Thursday, June 15, 2006

The BackTack Naughty List

Dear Backtack,

Please take Ms Moki off the Naughty list. I received her package today (I was ever so excited, she is a talent that ladee). Here's some proof that it arrived safely:

Sadieandlance cat apologies for walking into the shot.

I will post pictures of the actual goods on the weekend when I have the assistance daylight hours but in the mean time you could go visit Moki and check out the photos she posted. I was very spoilt indeed - hand stamped fabric, some lollies/sweets/candy, cute buttons, a little notepad, stickers and the set of Moki's handmade postcards that I won for telling her I was stalking her blog (what a reward!). Spoilt spoilt spoilt I tell you.

And while I'm here I should mention that (in my opinion of course) I am not far off being taken off the naughty list myself. My poorly wrapped package (I am so so sorry Tutti Fruiti!) arrived.

Here's three of her five four buttons,

And her initial, disguised in the wings of a bee.

So Backtack while we probably don't deserve a gold star, please don't put us on the naughty list, we're good girls now.




Alison said...

Dear SadieandLance,

After careful consideration, we decided to let you and your partner off the hook, and we have duly released your names off the nearly but not quite naughty list.

Backtack peoples.

Sabiha said...

i LOVE reading your updates mate! wish i could KIP again wit you but inspired by your creativity!

with love

Suse said...

That little black cat is divine. And I see it came with lollies, candy and sweets! Hmmm, yum.