Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Monkey Union

A new addition to the Monkey Union...

She is a reprise of a bunny I mucked around with a couple of years ago. My orginals had shorts with an initial on them, but I like them pantsless too. There was a dinosaur that went with her that I'll have a crack at this weekend maybe.

Yoda says use the force.

Worlds easiest softie - dare I say it from a kids pattern. It kinda looks well um like it really was made from a kids pattern, but I find that charming. Pattern here, make it you must


Bee said...

Your Yoda picture totally cracked me up! So funny! I will have to bookmark that link in case I ever need to make one.

twitchy fingers said...

Ahh, love it I do. Big fan is husband. Make it I will.