Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Many Hands Make light work

Actually many hands made more work but I don't mind. The many hands I speak of are my Grandma and Great Aunty's lovely hands, seen here helping me with the ever neglected Fruit Tingles.

We had a family weekend away to celebrate my Papa's (Lance) 80th Bday. It was alovely weekend in the cold rainy mountains in a big house with 3 open fire places.

It didn't take long before I excitedly pulled out Fruit Tingles in order to get approval from the highest most respected knitting coach in the my land - Grandma (Sadie) of course, abley assisted by her lovely Sister, Aunty Mary (also known as the life of the party). What I ended up with was a new stitch pattern, a hands on class (seen above) and two variations of every method we discussed. For example:

Aunty Mary: "k3, Sl1 knitways, repeat"
Grandma: No, you slip purlways
AM: No I always slip knitways
G: No, I always slip purlways

And so on! It was great, and highly amusing and I learnt heaps. The many hands making more work led me to be starting that same piece of Fruit Tingles AGAIN! But the upside is I will now be carrying my colours on the knit side of the work making for better edges and I can knit a fancy new stitch pattern (we practiced it on the almost finished but now discarded Fruit Tingles right front piece).

Not only did I come away with renewed knitting energy, it was accompanied by a notebook full of recipes written by Aunty Mary, Grandma's Apple Pie tin and a box full of Grandma's legendary homemade Nenish Tarts!

Amongst all the knitting and recipe talk there was an awful lot of eating and the occassional venture out into the cold to feed the animals, like this here Hungry Deer

Freaky huh!


Alison said...

The deer cracks me up - brilliant. Love the snout!

Elisabeth said...

Happy birthday to your Grandpa. I miss my Grandma and i'm a long way from my mum. But thank goodness for the internet :-)

Belinda said...

What a lovely weekend. Unfortunately I lost both of my grandparents when I was quite young. So I missed out on the 2nd generation thing. Now I volunteer at a nursing home to get my granny fix!!

Kristie said...

Tina come get some Ham! (I know you know what i'm talking about :-)

Marianne said...

They're the best lookin'neenish tarts I've seen...yummmm...

nichola said...

What a great picture of the deer.

Shazmina Bendi said...

Having met your parents, heard about your Nan (and now seen the photos) I can TOTALLY understand where you get your fabulousness from! Your weekend sounds like the perfect holiday break, I am very jealous!

devinemom said...

what a wonderful way to spend a weekend! i always love getting the chance to gain knowledge from the older generations. it sounds like it was quite entertaining.