Sunday, October 29, 2006

Please don't believe the hype

There'’s only one thing I love more than a list - a list with things ticked off. I especially like ceremonious, dramatic type crossing off of items on lists.

I'’m happy to report that I indulged myself in some good old list ticking off today ...– aww gosh some one shut me up I sound ridiculous. Anyway the house is sparkling (our version of sparkling- you might prefer your own version) and I'm sparkley with the lovely feeling of getting something done/not sitting on my arse all weekend.

Thanks Bel, the lemon cake was made and it's delicious, although it claimed my favourite silicon spatula.

Luckily the only thing affected was my temper (and not the cake). The said non affected cake was enjoyed with tea and an airing of my Great Nann'’s table cloth.

To do list cont...
I cut out 5 headbands, the bunny, a small owly and started on the pattern pieces for Hillary Lang's kitty/bear/bunny pattern. That was before I got distracted on a previously unannounced project

Which is almost finished, so more on that later although I will say this now - why didn't someone tell me to try covered buttons earlier, those things rock. I feel like I could use them all the time for everything cause I just loved working with them so much - I can just see it now, 'no that beautiful covered button is not in the way of you using that exquisite homemade napkin for it's intended purpose of wiping your face, infact it's integral to the design and usability of the piece.'

To do list cont more...
- cleaned the house
- watched a DVD (Nanny McPhee in the end, not Harry Potter - I'm such a grown up aren't I)
- Ate some delicious lunch (just like I said I would) - although not 2 potato scallops, it was homemade fried rice with loads of veggies.

Of course there were many other things I did (like sleep and drink some beer, but I won't bore you with the details). There's still plenty more of the list to go, but I'm quite chuffed with what I got through - plus I left myself with plenty to work on in the next couple of weeks.


Brown Pants said...

Wow! Look at you go!

Bel said...

Yeah for crossing off things on lists (I'm a crosser rather than ticker myself). Glad you liked the lemon cake, but feel responsible somehow for your loss. Silicone spatulas are fundamental, and the loss of one is keenly felt...