Sunday, January 07, 2007


Hi 2007.

I am excited to see you here. You will be an exciting year full of productivity, fun, achievement, quality time spent with important people in my life, inspiration, exciting new projects (of all types!), new challenges and loads of fulfillment.

Sincerely Bianca

Now to start things off right...turning this fab IKEA fabric

into 2007 Project #1: new cushion covers.

Finally, the old ones were quickly sewn up years ago out of cheap fabric and with poor sewing skills (mine) and they held more than their fair share of spaghetti bolognaise and other delightful food stains. I'm sure our friends will be ecstatic to not have to park their arses on those raggy old stained things any more.

I might keep numbering my projects this year - just for something different. Oh and the black and white fabric above is planned for a skirt. The IKEA fabric is awesome - so sturdy I think it will make a fab like this.

I've also finally started to make use of my beautiful green fabrics I picked up at Patchwork on Central Park last year. And it's square-alicious!


BrownPants said...

These look Fabo B! Love 'em.

Bel said...

Happy new year! The cushions look great

Shazmina Bendi said...

Merry New Year to you! I love the way Ben is peeking over your couch, looking at your beautiful cushions.

justine said...

cushions look wicked!
i like the idea of numbering projects.
Looking forward to meeting you in Feb!
Happy 2007 to you :)

poppyseeds said...

Hello Bianca - I must have found you thru dear Applehead - i drool over the Ikea fabric cushions, they remind me of poppy seed heads and also my fave-ret era of fabric - have you seen the book by L Jackson - 20thC Pattern Design - there's an amazon link on my blog - anyway i think you would Love it to bits. Wonderful if you can come and visit and leave a comment, from a first time new year blogger, tash at poppyseeds

Sweet Treat said...

Love what you did with the Ikea fabric. I was eyeing it off the other day... and so much more in there! Great idea about the numbering of your projects.

Louise said...

great cushions - I was tempted by the very same fabric in IKEA before Christmas but I ended up buying some from John Lewis instead. I want to make some new cushions too, the last ones I made were based on a 'suck it an see' method with some dodgy zips. I want to plan ahead this time - I would welcome any tips you have - did you use concealed zips? Lx

nicbiccie said...

Great cushions & love that fabric. I was in IKEA on the weekend & there wasn't much of that b&w fabric left...must be popular!