Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Project #2: Squaralicious!

My first proper patchwork project

I had loads of fun with this, couldn't wait to get home from work and get going on each bit. I stalled a bit when it came time to quilt - should I put batting in, should I hand or machine stitch on top?

In the end I decided not to put in any batting cause it's a cover for a pillow full of feathers and I wanted it to be good and squishy. I did a bit of hand stitching on the top - but only one line cause I was way too eager to finish it.

I used fabric I bought last year from Patchwork on Central Park and all up it took hardly very long at all.

What I learnt during this project though was that when I sit down to work on something I rarely sit for more than 20 minutes max. I'm always up and stirring dinner or up and getting something from upstairs or up and getting materials for the next project (even though I mid current project right there on the machine). Attention Deficient Crafting indeed!


BrownPants said...

It looks fantastic B! Well done! Are you using a pattern for the cushion size/shape etc? I may have to get you to teach me!

justine said...

Attention Deficient Crafting, I too suffer from it BIG TIME!!
The cushion looks great :)

SoulCradler said...

That looks wonderful, Ms! Well done :-) I love the contemporary patterns, and the colours are so up my alley. A successful foray into the world of patchwork.

SoulCradler said...

Re the AADC problem, I just came across this - post entitled 'Black Hole of Knitting'...might help?!

Louise said...

lovely patchwork - I did use batting in my little overn gloves and am considering putting it in some cushions - but your cushion over is just perfect in pink and green