Monday, March 12, 2007

Project #7: PJ Harvey Bunny

This is PJ Harvey, better known as Project #7.

She's named after the very awesome PJ Harvey despite not looking a thing like PJ. The reason she's named after her has something to do with her sister Jenny George, not the real Jenny George, but the softie kind.

You see after I made the last Wee Wonderfuls softie and named her after Jenny George Brownpants emailed me to tell me that the real Jenny George (or a person from her office) had called BP's office to ask for some policy info. Can you imagine?! What a small world - me making a toy named after her and then the real Jenny (or Jenny's office) calling BP!

So anyway BP figured that I have some phone-call-from-celeb inducing special powers and so by special request this little bunny is now known as PJ Harvey. And by way of thanks BP, be sure to transfer MS Polly Jean to my phone once you've finished chatting with her OK?


BrownPants said...

Is that ringing I hear?
I'll have to think of some clever things to say just in case. Wouldn't want to be a gibbering mess and make a fool of myself...

Shazmina Bendi said...

I love her wee little shoes! Can you make me a full size pair? I am a size 7.

Bells said...

she is so damn cute!!! And named after someone soooo special. I love her!

if Polly calls, tell her Bells says hi!

Sweet Treat said...

Has PJ Harvey called? We named one of our softies Elvis... I hope he doesn't call!!!!!! Love your cutie.