Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scardey Socks

Ever been scared of a sock? I have. This sock:

I'm near knitting-paralysed from the fear I'm nurturing of this, my first, sock. Even though it's called 'Easy 4 ply sock'. Although... it started off just fine, in fact I was in a blissful self assured smarty pants mood because after years of thinking about it I was finally knitting in the round on double points. I was even so chuffed with myself I took my first sock on an expedition on the tram. Then I got to the heel and I freaked out, read the pattern, re-read the pattern then quietly zip locked the bag closed and put it in the the craft box next to the lounge.

That was months ago people. Anyway I picked it up last night, threaded myself in a life line and fearlessly began to try and work out how on earth I am supposed to knit the first17 stitches from the last needle and then 17 from the first onto a new needle without having a melt down. I mean it just doesn't make sense. I can't go back to needle 1 after knitting onto needle 3 without reversing my work (and the stocking stitch) or carrying a big loop of thread across the inside of the sock - which my little toe might get stuck in if I ever actually finish them and wear them (unlikey at this stage).

And then I re-read the pattern. Ahhhm excuse me but you still have the decreasing for the leg bit to go moron. Whoops, a brief reprieve and more time to re-grow that irrational fear of the heel.

In the mean time I've been distracting myself with devine Japanese Fabrics from Kimono House. I get them as part of the mailing club. Sweet. These ones arrived today (along with an early surprise bday present of PIXIES TICKETS - this Monkey's Gone to Heaven baby).

And my Ametie Fabric club membership is due to arrive soon too I think, yippee.


BrownPants said...

Yay for sock progress!
Now I'm by no means a sock expert, but if that's a heel flap you're knitting, then you probably are supposed to turn your work around and go backwards. For the heel flaps i've done you knit one side, then turn it and purl backwards, then turn and knit until you have enough of a flap to be long enough for your heel (so you're only actually working half the stitches back and forth). Then you pick up the stitches either side of the heel flap and knit across the top row that you haven't been knitting while you've been doing the flap and voila, you're working in the round again.
I may be able to help in April if you need :)
p.s. the fabric club stuff looks great!

samantha said...

sorry can't really help with heel thing, but a big thanks for the fabric club link at kimono house. How have I missed this?
also received my amitie fabrics and oooh is good!

Bells said...

Oh you sound just like me Bianca! Until December last year, I'd had one sock on the go since April!!! I was obsessed with my fear of socks. I talked about it until I was blue in the face and all my SnB friends were saying 'no you'll be fine'. And of course, eventually I was.

It's probably the most exhillerating learning experience I've had as a knitter, overcoming that hurdle. You'll get there!