Monday, April 09, 2007

Up the Duff

Yep, um hi, I'm back. And I've got a good reason for neglecting you for the past few months. I could barely raise myself from the couch. No no please don't laugh it's true and the reason is cause I am up the duff sorry I mean pregnant.

Don't you just love that saying, 'Up the Duff'? I've been wanting to use it to tell all our friends but keep forgetting.

Anyway it's all terribley exciting and we're thrilled.

So while I haven't been crafting and blogging I've been snoozing up a storm. There's been:
  • extreme tiredness
  • extreme face stuffing and
  • extreme baby secret keeping (there's been a few suspicious peeps about - rightly so when you're #1 drinking buddies both give up the booze and coffee)
  • much putting up of feet
So instead of crafting I have developed a comprehensive understanding (is that possible) of the latest comings and goings of Neighbours, Home and Away and Desperate Housewives (shame shame shame), feel free to email me if you need a plot update (or don't cause I already feel embarrassed enough).

But with the sudden announcement of my second trimester (we thought we were still in week 12 but the ultrasound told us otherwise) I am flushed with the arrival of a small stereotypical bout of 2nd trimester energy and over the easter break have accomplished:
  • hours and hours of phone calls,
  • many outings with friends and the ultrasound pic
  • knitting of the back of my very own cardigan and
  • a monster clean up of the spare room
All while making some eyelashes and keeping a second heart pumping deep down inside my belly (or so my preggas book tells me). Yay me.

So um yeah there you have it. The whole thing is out of this world weird - there's like a small depandant being growing inside me and we saw it moving at the ultrasound the other day.

Hey I just realised it's 10pm - the latest I've stayed up in ages. Hilarious. Also hilarious is how I've lost count of how many weekends in a row we've now stayed at home and watched the West Wing (which I love) instead of being drunk at the pub until 3am. The times they are a changing.

So, Kel - I'm sorry if this is where you're reading this first - I REALLY wanted to speak to you on the phone and tell you myself. And Bel, now you know why I completely ignored your joking question about me being pregnant, couldn't exactly say no could I?!

PS I have a craft list as long as my arm - but not the baby's arm cause that's quite short at the moment.
PPS So does my Mum and all my crafty grrls. This will be a well crafted for bub.


kristie said...

Hey, I've managed to stop crying!
And send me that photo :)

SoulCradler said...


Glad to hear you've regained some energy :-)

I am so happy for both you and Mr S&L.

And BTW, your Saturday night sounds like my usual one, and I'm not even pregnant! I copped so much teasing from Mr and Ms BP in Sydney for being so soft :-( At least you have an excuse!

Fiona said...

Congratulations !!!!
Take all that time on the lounge now 'cause god knows you wont have the chance later......
Great News xx

Shazmina Bendi said...

Mwahahahahahaha! Yep, still ecstatic, have told all work colleagues your news. Oh yeah, they were THRILLED!! :)
I have disappointing news though, couldnt get the Elvis outfit in the right baby size, actually what exactly is the right baby size???? I just dont get all those 00000's!

SadieandLance said...

Ha ha Shaz - how the hell would I know what the right baby size is?! I'm hoping the manual comes right out after the baby. But at a guess I think for new borns 000 is OK and then 00 and 0 is for wwhen they get a bit bigger. But this is all a guess!

shannon said...

Congratulations - just squeezed out number two on saturday and her name is Sadie : after your award winning tomato relish! Actually it gae me such heartbiurn it induced labour...hence the name....

No Im joking. But if you are thinking of going to the RWH, aka the commish, let me know...Im good for the gossip.

sooz said...

Congratulations and milk that second trimester for all it's worth:-) Babies are such great craft catalysts.

mariannealice said...

A big congratulations...glad to hear that you've hit the 'glowing' stage...and baby sized socks are sure to be so much faster to knit up! Although neither of my girls would ever keep more than one sock on at a time....

Nichola said...

Woooohooooo! Babies everywhere! Congratulations girl.

Sweet Treat said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations... love the "up the duff" saying... it is so much better than "with child"! So please tell me that Peter Costello didn't inspire you... scary!

SadieandLance said...

Thanks Nichola.

Haaaaa Sweet Treat Mr Costello most certainly did NOT inspire me and nor did Cosmo for that matter!

Miss Dot said...

Congratulations! well done. Hey have you bought the book "Up the Duff" by Caz Cook? great book.

samantha said...

Hey fabulous news - nap while you can too, it will all be over soon! sounds like you better steer clear of the relish for a while too!!

Bel said...

Yeah for you guys! That's such exciting news - like I didn't notice you ignoring my joke question... I hoped I hadn't horribly offended you. I'm not known for subtlety and delicacy. Really great news for you and Matt, and all I can say is that it's one lucky baby.


ingrid said...

Congratulations!!! There's nothing like an impending newborn to inspire craftiness and nesting. Ahhh, I sound like a little suzy home maker. Can you tell I am pining for #4?

Suse said...

Oooheeee! Congratulations!

'Up the duff' is best used when wearing trackie daks and moccasins.

'Bun in the oven' is kind of 1950s with a gingham apron.

'With child' requires white gloves, pearls and a hat.

It all depends on one's mood.

Have fun with the second trimester energy spurt.

twitchy fingers said...

Soooo, you're packin' huh? Congrats!

Sabiha said...


Where the fuck have i been...... i was kicking myself about not getting you on the phone for your birthday so i feel like REAL shit now!!!!


FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK.... obviously longer more personal email / phone call coming VERY soon!!!!!

Love you