Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Knitting in her sleep

Shit where the hell did April go? One minute I was having a 12 week baby scan and the next I am like almost at the halfway mark of this pregnancy adventure. Yikes. But this is not a baby blog it's a craft blog so where the hell is all the craft??

I'm a snot machine at the moment. I got a cold from someone (I'm blaming my Sister but she thinks otherwise). But in between sneezes I've managed a few things like some progress on the clapotis and the socks, but just minor. More exciting is other people's progress... like Grandma's (Sadie) who knitted the baby this beautiful outfit

I think she started on it the second I hung up the phone after telling her she was going to be a Great G. She was worried I wouldn't like it - I'm worried she has rocks in her head because of course I LOVE IT cause she made it. (Hi Grandma I know you're reading!!). It's all the more spesh cause she has been having some problems with her eyes. But she's such a good knitter I think she could do it in her sleep.

And what about Shazmina Bendi's progress which among her flurry of finished projects these were found for the baby.

Thanks Shaz!

The Baking Queen arose once again, this time from her snotty slumber, to mix up these babies (date and pecan steamed puddings with butterscotch syrup) for dinner with friends (lovely friends who passed no judgement when I fell asleep on their couch with my mouth open and my feet on the arm rest).

Of course you can see raspberries in that blurry photo up there and that's because as per usual I couldn't resist tinkering with the recipe (plus I had no ready supply of dates or pecans) so they're actually raspberry, almond and current steamed puddings. And they're good. Feel free to drop by there's still left overs in the fridge - especially you Tash at Poppyseeds (do you have a blog??) cause there's no lemon meringue pie left!

I promised some yarn porn last post. Feast your eyes:

All from Marta's Yarns. It's great to see the shop open again and to see Marta's husband (George?) carrying on in Marta's name. He was so happy and positive and lovely when we went in there. It's so sad that Marta passed away but it's wonderful to see that life can go on. What was weird though was that the shop was full of older women flirting with George. He was having the time of his life (bless him) but it seemed to me that the women might have been attempting to flirt their way into a nice little lifetimes share of beautiful wool. Can't blame them I suppose.

Now back to lying on the couch with my box of tissues.


Bells said...

oh so much beautiful stuff! Gosh your pregnancy is flying by. Thanks for all the lovely stuff to look at and enjoy.

Shazmina Bendi said...

Love the yarn, especially the one on teh right of the picture. What you going to make??

samantha said...

oh I just love puddings, and butterscotch sauce, oh my I think I'm drooling! Love Grandma's who knit too - looks superb. And I love Marta's yarns too.

samantha said...

And i forgot to mention that I tagged you recently for the 5 favourite blogs.

sheeps clothing said...

Hope the cold is better. Those puddings sound fantastic.
Yarn is gorgeous. I look forward to checking out Marta's.

Cheeky Beaks said...

Slack friend here wishing a belated CONGRATULATIONS little one inside! WOW!